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Information Technology



Information Technology(IT) is the science of computer or one can say it deals with storing, studying, retrieving and manipulating information or data. It may refer to a company or any organization as it depends on the information’s or data. The area in which an Information Technology engineer’s works are the computer, internet, hardware, software, electronics, telecom equipment, and e-commerce.

This branch deals with data and information’s, one can say that they are computer and networking guys. Students can pursue M.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering after successful completion of BE/B.Tech.

This branch has touched each and every aspect of human life so it plays a vital role in modern day life of peoples. After the discovery of computer, a lot of things changed in this world and the sector which has to get the maximum benefit is business world either it is MNC or a small-scale business, Information Technology plays a vital role. The area where IT engineers will help the world is digital marketing, Internet of things, cloud computing, Mobile, social networking, online marketing, digital communication, big data assessment and many business sector problems. Information Technology engineering is a rapidly growing sector where there are excellent job opportunities for the knowledgeable and skilled professionals.

What should be Taught in this stream?

As this steam of Engineering is a sub-part of Computer science engineering so you will get a hand full of computer software and hardware. This is designed to provide both theoretical knowledge and technical experience in the area of computer and networking. Information Technology will help you get specialized skills and one can learn many things like web designing, security’s and protection, networking and software/hardware. IT will improve one’s technological depth of knowledge. And in this stream, one will also get a full practical experience of everything taught in theory classes.

Top Engineering Colleges Offering Information Technology

West Bengal



For UG: Class XII pass-out from a recognized school with 60% in physics, chemistry, and maths. And there is an age restriction as well and it may differ with the entrance test you are giving and one have to pass the common entrance test with the marks required to get admission in the specific college if demanded(like JEE Mains, WBJEE etc.).

For PG: B.Tech degree in the given areas: Information Technology or computer science. and have to Qualify the entrance exam and interview.

What Does an Information Technology Engineer do?

IT engineers basic job is to develop, test, configure, install, troubleshoot and maintenance of computer software and hardware the process of the job goes by creating proper documentation, diaphragm, diagram and detailed instructions to help companies employee to make a proper use of the new technology.

Information Technology Engineer deals with all the needs related to computer software, hardware and networking tools for the company and the employees. It might possible that an IT engineer can travel from one office to other places to meet the needs.

Information Technology engineers can also go for higher studies to deepen the knowledge and skills with concepts and theories which will help them in professional work like operations, Management of projects, Systems Administration, and maintenance or Quality Assessment.

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Scope of Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate(PG) in Information Technology

The Information Technology Engineers are most required persons in today’s job scenario. It is a fact that no company or business is there which don’t need a software engineer. Software engineers play a vital role in so many sectors. The main job of IT engineers is to research, develop, design, test software, digital hardware, digital devices and interfaces and to produce world-class technology solution. So the demands of software engineers are increasing day by day. Now a day it is said that if you are a software engineer with a proper degree then you will definitely get hired by any company there is a great requirement of good software engineers.

The job profiles/designations offered by various top MNC’s include the following:-

They can also work on their own project or any kind of startup related to the field of website and coding or any other things they want to work on.


As Information Technology is a software branch of engineering so the main recruiters are the software companies. If someone is seeking to get a government job they can go by applying for the job scenario of the government jobs. And core companies have very fewer demands of the software engineers so chances of getting hired in campusing for a core company is kind of next to impossible thing and so they don’t generally allow software engineers to seat for the campusing of there company.

Some software recruiters

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